I am really terrible at blogging.
Things that have been going on-

  • Place of employment moved about 58 blocks
    me and nearly half a million CD’s…
  • Was hired by a company to build a website.
    So far I think it is going well.
  • Busting ass to get into shape.
    20 LBS down.
    Jogging/walking about 2+ miles daily
  • Haven’t really been shooting any photos
    This is a bummer
  • I grew a beard
    not for me.
  • I read all of Y the Last Man in 2 days.
    It was rad.
  • Have been really wanting to play music again.
    country? Ramonescore? Hardcore?
  • Wife and I are toying with the idea of buying a house.
  • Also considering college

    Hopefully I can keep this up..Peace out


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